Everyday Plastic with Daniel Webb

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Everyday Plastic with Daniel Webb

Daniel Webb is the founder and director of Everyday Plastic, a social enterprise delivering evidence-based education and campaigns to tackle the plastic problem.

Daniel Webb, Founder of Everyday Plastic

In this episode, Dan covers:

  • His path to becoming involved in plastic pollution. [Starts at 1:20]
  • The questions prompting his year of collecting plastic waste. [Starts at 4:10]
  • Making sense of his plastic waste through a mural and a report. [Starts at 5:25]
  • Connecting plastic with consumption, convenience and societal impacts. [Starts at 8:50]
  • Everyday Plastic – talks, the first survey and press coverage. [Starts at 11:30]
  • Focussing on single-use plastics. [Starts at 17:15]
  • Living with less plastic – reduce, reuse and refill. [Starts at 21:35]
  • The Big Plastic Count – raising awareness and evidencing the extent of plastic waste. [Starts at 23:35]
  • Collective small actions to add pressure towards systemic change. [Starts at 30:30]
  • The #ChooseLoose campaign. [Starts at 32:25]
  • Thoughts and feelings about the future of plastics. [Starts at 37:00]

Useful links

Everyday Plastic

#ChooseLoose Campaign

Everyday Plastic mural

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