Kids Against Plastic with Amy and Ella Meek

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Kids Against Plastic with Amy and Ella Meek

Amy and Ella Meek are co-founders of the charity Kids Against Plastic.

Amy and Ella Meek, co-founders of Kids Against Plastic

In this episode, Amy and Ella cover:

  • Discovering the issue of plastic pollution when studying the UN Sustainable Development Goals. [Starts at 1:38]
  • Reaching out to supermarkets and changing focus to consumers. [Starts at 2:45]
  • Motivations, taking inspiration and supportive parents in driving change. [Starts at 4:55]
  • The many negative impacts of plastic on the environment. [Starts at 7:41]
  • Helping schools eliminate single-use plastic through the Plastic Clever Schools initiative. [Starts at 10:21]
  • Developing a scheme for secondary schools and reasons to focus on primary schools. [Starts at 12:48]
  • How the Plastics Clever Schools initiative has become successful. [Starts at 14:58]
  • Managing challenges, positive campaigning and valuing their power. [Starts at 17:01]
  • Young voices provoking change. [Starts at 19:43]
  • Navigating eco-anxiety with mindset and action. [Starts at 21:05]
  • Taking opportunities and personal development from being pushed out of your comfort zone. [Starts at 23:54]
  • Future of KAP and succession planning. [Starts at 26:20]
  • Memorable moments and rewards. [Starts at 28:20]
  • 2050 – two viewpoints. [Starts at 29:22]
  • Final messages – no action is too small and embed sustainability within your life. [Starts at 31:13] 
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