Creating a wilder Derbyshire with the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Creating a wilder Derbyshire with the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Hollie Davis is a Team Wilder Community Engagement Assistant, and Ruth Pilbeam is a Rewilding Project Officer for Wild Peak and Peatlands Discovery with the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

In this episode, Hollie and Ruth cover:

Ruth Pilbeam, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust
Hollie Davis, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust
  • How they became interested in protecting nature. [Starts at 1:10]
  • The aim of Team Wilder. [Starts at 3:45]
  • Hollie’s role within Team Wilder. [Starts at 4:55]
  • The many exciting ways people engage in fundraising for the charity. [Starts at 6:15]
  • Engaging communities in connecting with nature. [Starts at 7:50]
  • Exciting and accessible activities people can do to benefit nature. [Starts at 8:55]
  • Wild Peak – an ambitious rewilding project. [Starts at 12:20]
  • The pledges landowners are making within the Wild Peak project. [Starts at 14:00]
  • The geographical spread of the Wild Peak landowners. [Starts at 16:30]
  • Networking within Wild Peak, benefiting people and nature. [Starts at 18:30]
  • Future ambitions for the Wild Peak project. [Starts at 21:30]
  • Nature-based solutions, biodiversity net gain and offsetting. [Starts at 24:10]
  • Wild Peak success stories. [Starts at 27:10]
  • Getting involved in nature and finding a community group. [Starts at 29:40]
  • Thoughts and feelings on the future of nature. [Starts at 32:45]

Useful links

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Wild Peak

The Wildlife Trusts

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Fundraising Pack

Team Wilder, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

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For more insight into the work of the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, listen to the Connecting Woodlands episode.

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