Plastic Free and community action with Greg Hewitt

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Plastic Free and community action with Greg Hewitt

Greg Hewitt is the community lead for Plastic Free Chesterfield, part of a community network aiming to reduce single-use plastics.

In this episode, Greg covers:

Greg Hewitt, Plastic Free Chesterfield
  • How his studies of environmental science and IT were ideal credentials for joining Winchester Action on Climate Change. [Starts at 1:55]
  • His introduction to the Transition Network, a movement of communities committed to reimagining and rebuilding our world. [Starts at 3:27]
  • Getting involved with the local Friends of the Earth group and bee activities. [Starts at 5:20]
  • The need for lobbying and campaigning against fracking. [Starts at 7:16]
  • Leadership, working in a team, networking and setting up a social eating café. [Starts at 8:43]
  • Enthusiasm and when it’s not always well-received. [Starts at 13:36]
  • His interest in tackling waste, starting a repair café and setting up the annual Remarkable Recycling Gala event. [Starts at 15:49]
  • New challenges with getting Plastic Free Chesterfield up and running. [Starts at 18:55]
  • Recruiting volunteers and getting local businesses on board. [Starts at 22:00]
  • Growth despite a pandemic and local businesses achieving the Plastic Free Champion Award. [Starts at 26:50]
  • Public perception, membership and webinars. [Starts at 30:20]
  • The challenges of gaining engagement with social media. [Starts at 36:08]
  • Recommendations for plastic change – choose one room in your house to start with, such as your bathroom, and make one swap at a time. Buy a reusable water bottle and coffee cup. [Starts at 39:55]
  • What the world looks like in 2050 – people connecting more and sharing items; greater walking and cycling; no single-use plastics as refills become the norm. [Starts at 41:33]
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