About Me


The year 2020 was extraordinary for all of us and when approaching a crossroads in my own life, I took the time to revaluate what I wanted to do next.  Feeling the need to be useful, become ‘greener’ and share stories through my love of podcasting, I began searching for information and ideas.  A viewing of Katharine Hayhoe’s Ted Talk recommending that the most important thing you can do to fight climate change is to talk about it, was the ignition I needed to set up this website and do just that.

Although I saw myself as a reasonable custodian of the planet we inhabit, I realised that there is so much more I could be doing and I am very much at the beginning of my journey to become a more mindful and conscious citizen.  It is my hope  that this website can provide sparks of hope and action in other people’s lives too.

Caroline Norbury