Carbon neutral Nottingham with Wayne Bexton

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The Owl Hoot
Carbon neutral Nottingham with Wayne Bexton

Wayne Bexton is the Director of Environment and Sustainability at Nottingham City Council and is driving change within Nottingham to meet a carbon neutral goal of 2028.

Wayne Bexton striving for a carbon neutral Nottingham

In this episode, Wayne covers:

  • Environmental influences and seeking a career to deliver positive impacts for the environment and people. [Starts at 1:25]
  • His three roles and broad responsibilities. [Starts at 5:10]
  • Nottingham’s ambitious carbon neutral 2028 target and action plan involving domestic, commercial and transport areas. [Starts at 7:25]
  • Collaboration, communication and engagement on sustainable actions. [Starts at 12:50]
  • Facilitating greener transport. [Starts at 17:05]
  • Balancing transport options and the Workplace Parking Levy. [Starts at 21:10]
  • The implementation of the retrofit challenge. [Starts at 27:00]
  • Retrofit demand and reducing costs. [Starts at 31:40]
  • Raising awareness and leisure centre solar carports. [Starts at 34:20]
  • Tracking performance and being an A list city. [Starts at 35:45]
  • His thoughts and feelings on a sustainable future. [Starts at 38:15]
Green Nottingham

Useful links

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Green Rewards App

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Electrifying Nottingham



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