Zedify – sustainable deliveries with Harriet Hird

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Zedify – sustainable deliveries with Harriet Hird

Harriet Hird is head of marketing at Zedify, an eco-friendly, sustainable delivery business based in the UK.

In this episode, Harriet covers:

Harriet Hird, Zedify - sustainable deliveries
  • Her environmental interest prior to Zedify. [Starts at 1:15]
  • How Zedify started. [Starts at 2:40]
  • How the business works and the benefits to cities and its people. [Starts at 4:25]
  • The various e-cargo bikes within the fleet. [Starts at 6:35]
  • Maintaining and sourcing e-cargo bikes. [Starts at 8:20]
  • Customer’s motivations for choosing their service. [Starts at 10:35]
  • Delivery driver benefits and perception by customers receiving deliveries. [Starts at 14:45]
  • Addressing the gender imbalance within the delivery rider role. [Starts at 16:10]
  • Sustainability throughout the business and becoming a B Corp. [Starts at 18:50]
  • Measuring impact. [Starts at 22:50]
  • Zedify’s expansion into more cities. [Starts at 25:30]
  • The challenges of communicating the option of sustainable deliveries to end-consumers. [Starts at 30:45]
  • Thoughts on the future of sustainable deliveries. [Starts at 35:15]
Zedify - sustainable deliveries

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