Rivers with Tom Hartland Smith

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Rivers with Tom Hartland Smith

Tom Hartland Smith is a senior catchment restoration officer with the Severn Rivers Trust. The trust facilitates a healthy, resilient river Severn for everyone.

Tom Hartland Smith from the Rivers Trust

In this episode, Tom covers:

  • His career in conservation. [Starts at 1:20]
  • What riparian means and the scope of the river Severn. [Starts at 3:05]
  • The purpose of The Rivers Trust. [Starts at 5:15]
  • Identifying healthy rivers. [Starts at 7:35]
  • Clear versus cloudy water. [Starts at 10:20]
  • River hazards – poor land management, misconnections, sewerage and climate change. [Starts at 12:10]
  • The health status of our rivers and examples of problematic practices. [Starts at 20:30]
  • Improving rivers’ health within The Rivers Trust. [Starts at 26:30]
  • Working with landowners/farmers to improve soil quality. [Starts at 29:00]
  • Success stories and working to remove barriers in-channel. [Starts at 32:15]
  • Removing and mitigating barrier issues for fish. [Starts at 37:55]
  • Thoughts on the future of rivers and individual actions. [Starts at 41:00]

Useful links

Severn Rivers Trust Website

The Rivers Trust Website

Unlocking the Severn

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