Share Shed with Mirella Ferraz

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Share Shed with Mirella Ferraz

Mirella Ferraz is an eco-social entrepreneur, writer and coordinator of the Share Shed – A Library of Things, based in Devon.

mirella firraz

In this episode, Mirella covers:

  • Her journey from Brazil to Devon. [Starts at 1:20]
  • The Network of Wellbeing and how the Share Shed started. [Starts at 7:40]
  • How it became the first mobile Library of Things in the world. [Starts at 17:00]
  • The towns on the weekly route, logistics and funding. [Starts at 19:35]
  • Borrowers, ShareFest and beyond sharing – repairing, making, swapping. [Starts at 26:35]
  • The progress of sharing and a shift in culture from ownership. [Starts at 32:30]
  • How she sees the future of the Library of Things movement. [Starts at 38:40]

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