Multimodal transport in cities with Melissa Bruntlett

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Multimodal transport in cities with Melissa Bruntlett

Melissa Bruntlett is a sustainable, multimodal transport champion; she is co-founder of Modacity, co-author of two books and international communications specialist at Mobycon.

In this episode, Melissa covers:

Melissa Bruntlett, multimodal transport
  • How she became a cycling advocate. [Starts at 2:00]
  • Starting Modacity, a visit to the Netherlands and writing books. [Starts at 4:10]
  • What she gained from moving to the Netherlands. [Starts at 6:08]
  • Curbing Traffic – a book exploring the positive impact of low-car cities on people. [Starts at 8:23]
  • Planning focuses on safety and the need to expand the human impact conversation. [Starts at 11:06]
  • How investment in infrastructure can lead to a shift in transport modes; Vancouver is such an example. [Starts at 13:03]
  • Making short trips easier to undertake by walking and cycling.[Starts at 15:08]
  • Implementing the ideas behind the effective multimodal transport networks in the Netherlands elsewhere. [Starts at 18:30]
  • Changing times – electric vehicles and cargo bikes. [Starts at 20:38]
  • What it is like to live without a car. [Starts at 24:15]
  • Transport for everyone. [Starts at 27:10]
  • Promoting sustainable travel through storytelling. [Starts at 30:32]
  • Future ambitions and inclusion within the transport conversation. [Starts at 33:45]
  • Top recommendations: if curious about cycling – start small; try swapping out one of your car journeys; and don’t settle for the status quo if you work in transport. [Starts at 37:44]
  • What the world looks like in 2050 – vibrant, green cities with more human-powered transport. [Starts at 40:08]
curbing traffic book on multimodal transport

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Published Books

  • Building the Cycling City: The Dutch Blueprint for Urban Vitality (2018)
  • Curbing Traffic: The Human Case for Fewer Cars in Our Lives (2021)  

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