Transparency in the fashion industry with Jess Strain

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Transparency in the fashion industry with Jess Strain

Jess Strain is on a mission to drive transparency within the fashion industry and is the founder of Ovrbloom, a fashion accessories brand.

Jess Strain, founder of Ovrbloom and advocate of transparency in fashion
Photographer: Dre Da Silva

In this episode, Jess covers:

  • A childhood introduction to the environment via vegetarianism. [Starts at 1:25]
  • Her passion for fashion and textiles from an early age. [Starts at 3:55]
  • Exploring her creativity at Loughborough University. [Starts at 5:30]
  • Getting involved in climate activism. [Starts at 8:10]
  • University divestment and successful campaigning. [Starts at 12:00]
  • Issues around fashion materials and recycling. [Starts at 16:30]
  • Her journey towards entrepreneurship. [Starts at 19:45]
  • Founding a product-based business to match her values. [Starts at 23:40]
  • Challenges in gaining fashion supply chain information. [Starts at 29:05]
  • Her HatBag – multifunctional and hand-painted. [Starts at 32:50]
  • Transparency versus sustainability. [Starts at 35:00]
  • Future ambitions and vision – to make fashion supply chains more transparent. [Starts at 37:55]
  • Transparency in facilitating a circular economy. [Starts at 42:10]
  • Thoughts on the future of transparency in fashion. [Starts at 43:45]

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