Making homes greener with a climate citizens’ panel

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Making homes greener with a climate citizens' panel

Jake Ainscough is a Senior Research Associate at Lancaster Environment Centre and led the public deliberation within a climate citizens project on home energy policy, of which Ray Plummer was a panellist.

In this episode, Jake and Ray cover:

climate citizens panel
  • Background to the climate citizens’ panel. [Starts at 1:20]
  • How Ray became involved. [Starts at 4:00]
  • Panel selection. [Starts at 5:25]
  • How the citizens’ panel worked. [Starts at 7:00]
  • Ray’s experience of being part of the panel. [Starts at 8:40]
  • Sharing knowledge and opinions. [Starts at 11:10]
  • Considering the facts and insights from everyday life. [Starts at 13:30]
  • Producing a package of recommendations. [Starts at 15:45]
  • Raising awareness of energy efficiency and motivating change. [Starts at 18:30]
  • How panel findings might influence government policy. [Starts at 23:25]
  • Achieving the aims of the panel. [Starts at 27:10]
  • Being part of the policy-making process. [Starts at 29:30]
  • Ambitions for deliberative enquiry and public engagement in devising policy. [Starts at 32:05]
  • Thoughts and feelings about the future and climate change. [Starts at 34:00]

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