Sustainable fashion with Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Sustainable fashion with Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas

Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas is Professor of Marketing and Sustainable Business at the British School of Fashion.

In this episode, Natascha covers:

  • Her love of fashion, being a maker and educator, and sustainability awareness. [Starts at 1:50]
  • The history of fashion from an environmental and ethical perspective. [Starts at 4:35]
  • Processes, waste and the circular economy. [Starts at 7:10]
  • Big business and fast fashion. [Starts at 11:40]
  • The complexity of clothing materials. [Starts at 14:35]
  • Charity shops – pros and cons. [Starts at 20:01]
  • Where clothing is made. [Starts at 23:02]
  • Educating students who want to make a difference. [Starts at 27:18]
  • Supporting students as changemakers across cultures. [Starts at 33:11]
  • What the fashion industry looks like in 2050 – celebrating creativity, global cooperation and fashion for everyone. [Starts at 35:40]
  • Her sustainable actions – making/mending/thrifting and advocating sustainability in fashion education. [Starts at 38:45]

Useful links

British School of Fashion – Natascha’s webpage

Redress – Environmental NGO

Ellen MacArthur Foundation – Fashion

Good On You – ethical fashion App

Fashion Revolution – fashion activism movement

Tengri – luxury fashion label and social enterprise

Published Books

Fashion Management – A Strategic Approach (2020)

How to connect

Twitter: @fashionnatascha


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