Climate action in the NHS with Helena Clements

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The Owl Hoot
Climate action in the NHS with Helena Clements

Dr Helena Clements is Associate Medical Director and Climate Action Clinical Lead at Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Trust.

In this episode, Helena discusses climate action in the NHS and covers:

Helena Clements, Climate Action Clinical Lead, Sherwood Forest NHS
  • Environmental influences as a child, and sustainability and climate action at home and later in her work. [Starts at 1:20]
  • Carbon emissions within healthcare and engaging clinicians. [Starts at 8:10]
  • The power of NHS staff to make a difference. [Starts at 11:40]
  • Climate targets, active stakeholders and potential reach through patients. [Starts at 15:00]
  • Patient conversations about health that are mindful of the climate impact. [Starts at 18:30]
  • The relationship between food, health and the planet; and the Hope Orchard. [Starts at 21:00]
  • Green plans and doing things differently. [Starts at 24:40]
  • Success stories and challenges in reducing carbon emissions. [Starts at 28:25]
  • Supply chain and using buying power to make changes. [Starts at 32:00]
  • Financial frustration and a new vision of healthcare. [Starts at 34:05]
  • Retaining hope and striving for balance. [Starts at 37:35]
  • Her thoughts on the future. [Starts at 40:10]

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Climate Action – Sherwood Forest Hospitals

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Listen to Simon Tilley from the Hockerton Housing Project to discover how Helena lives sustainably outside the workplace.

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