Toast Ale with Kristen Fuller

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Toast Ale with Kristen Fuller

Kristen Fuller is the marketing and communications manager for Toast Ale, a social enterprise whose mission is to brew great beers and eliminate bread waste.

In this episode, Kristen covers:

Kristen Fuller, toast ale
  • Her career, need for meaningful work and starting at Toast Ale. [Starts at 1:40]
  • How Toast came into being. [Starts at 4:07]
  • Sourcing bread waste. [Starts at 6:15]
  • Funding Toast to get started and grow the business. [Starts at 7:17]
  • The Toast products and ranges. [Starts at 8:52]
  • Collaborations with other brewers on a shared goal. [Starts at 13:37]
  • Consumer feedback on taste and environmental impact. [Starts at 16:27]
  • The benefits of contract brewing. [Starts at 19:24]
  • What it means to be a B Corp. [Starts at 20:33]
  • Investing profits in charities to make a difference. [Starts at 24:16]
  • Future ambition and beer activism. [Starts at 27:35]
  • What it’s like working for Toast. [Starts at 31:25]
  • Beer in 2050 – renewable energy, packaging reuse and taprooms. [Starts at 33:30]
  • Personal sustainable actions – energy switch, conscious consumption and encouraging children to appreciate our natural world. [Starts at 36:37]

Useful links

Toast Ale website

Feedback – campaign organisation for fixing the food system

Rainforest Trust

Soil Heroes

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