Community composting with Minna Alanko-Falola

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Community composting with Minna Alanko-Falola

Minna Alanko-Falola is the CEO and founder of Compost Works, a community composting social enterprise.

In this episode, Minna covers:

Minna Alanko-Falola heads up a community composting organisation
  • Growing up in a family where composting was the norm. [Starts at 1:02]
  • Moving away and compost experimentation. [Starts at 2:50]
  • Removing food waste from the waste stream. [Starts at 4:36]
  • Food waste within a circular system. [Starts at 5:50]
  • Creating a healthy ecosystem in your compost. [Starts at 7:52]
  • Wormeries. [Starts at 10:45]
  • Dalek systems versus hot composting systems. [Starts at 12:37]
  • Re-evaluating her life and following her passion. [Starts at 14:05]
  • Compost Works, vision and activities. [Starts at 17:35]
  • The first community composting pilot operation. [Starts at 20:34]
  • Positive feedback from users and building communities. [Starts at 22:55]
  • Membership and typical process at each site. [Starts at 25:21]
  • Insight from other schemes and challenges. [Starts at 28:14]
  • Future ambitions and the importance of restoring the soil. [Starts at 31:54]
  • 2050 – small-scale, local food waste management. [Starts at 36:02]
  • Being brave and contributing to the greater good. [Starts at 37:58]

Useful links

Compost Works Website

The Compost Works team involved in community composting

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