Project Seagrass with Richard Lilley

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Project Seagrass with Richard Lilley

Richard Lilley (RJ) is the co-founder and CEO of Project Seagrass.

Richard Lilley, CEO of Project Seagrass

In this episode, Richard covers:

  • His career and life experiences leading up to Project Seagrass. [Starts at 1:46]
  • How seagrass came onto RJ’s radar. [Starts at 6:16]
  • Why seagrass has had a low profile. [Starts at 9:55]
  • Carbon sequestration, food security and the value of seagrass in and of itself. [Starts at 13:21]
  • Seagrass species in the UK and where to find them. [Starts at 17:29]
  • Reasons for seagrass losses and global restoration projects. [Starts at 19:05]
  • Structural and legal challenges – sewage and licencing. [Starts at 24:34]
  • Collaboration and finding common goals. [Starts at 29:10]
  • The importance of a global picture and empowering people in a bottom-up approach. [Starts at 34:13]
  • Seagrass in 2050 – net-positive, net-neutral by 2030. [Starts at 37:17]
  • Personal sustainability in the context of current systems. [Starts at 39:44]

Useful links

Project Seagrass website

Project Seagrass YouTube


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