Peatland restoration with Robbie Carnegie

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Peatland restoration with Robbie Carnegie

Robbie Carnegie is a senior communications officer at Moors for the Future Partnership, an organisation engaging in peatland restoration across the Peak District and South Pennine Moors.

In this episode, Robbie covers:

Robbie Carnegie
  • From a life in the creative arts to protecting nature. [Starts at 1:20]
  • The partnership, peat degradation and the importance of peatlands. [Starts at 4:25]
  • The process of restoring peatlands. [Starts at 10:50]
  • Where peatland restoration takes place. [Starts at 17:05]
  • The transformation over time and ongoing monitoring. [Starts at 18:05]
  • Wildlife and their return to the moors. [Starts at 20:40]
  • Monitoring practices and adding gully blocks. [Starts at 21:40]
  • The Bogtastic van and engaging the public in protecting our landscape. [Starts at 24:50]
  • Collaboration and The Great North Bog. [Starts at 30:50]
  • Peat farming. [Starts at 33:20]
  • Peat – an asset for our future. [Starts at 34:30]

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Moors for the Future Partnership

The Great North Bog

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