Carbon Copy and sharing community actions with Ric Casale

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Carbon Copy and sharing community actions with Ric Casale

Ric Casale is the co-founder of UK climate action charity, Carbon Copy.

In this episode, Ric covers:

  • Being involved in his local community and writing a book. [Starts at 1:45]
  • The book’s focus on how cities and towns can flourish in addressing the climate crisis. [Starts at 3:55]
  • Choosing to act at a community level. [Starts at 5:45]
  • Starting Carbon Copy to share and inspire community climate action. [Starts at 8:29]
  • Sharing stories across a wide-range of climate actions. [Starts at 11:00]
  • The benefits of collaboration to gain further reach. [Starts at 14:26]
  • Ambitious targets within councils. [Starts at 18:15]
  • The Walk2COP26 initiative. [Starts at 21:00]
  • His personal experience of sharing stories whilst walking 300 miles. [Starts at 24:27]
  • Events to showcase stories. [Starts at 26:39]
  • Front-running councils and examples yet to be discovered. [Starts at 28:25]
  • Resources – funding and time, and the self-publishing platform. [Starts at 30:05]
  • Future ambitions towards 2050 – engaging more people. [Starts at 33:10]
  • His reflections on personal and community actions. [Starts at 37:31]

Useful links

Carbon Copy Website

Published Books

  • Civic Revolution: A Citizen’s Guide (2019)

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