Local government climate action with Rachel Coxcoon

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Local government climate action with Rachel Coxcoon

Rachel Coxcoon is the Founder and Director of ClimateGuide and an elected member of the Cotswold District Council.

In this episode, Rachel covers:

  • Her background and motivation to become an elected member. [Starts at 1:26]
  • Starting at the council with no staff and a limited inherited budget. [Starts at 3:48]
  • Impact of administration change on council staff. [Starts at 6:20]
  • Updating the local plan and defining priorities. [Starts at 8:12]
  • Barriers to good climate policy and examples of councils striding ahead. [Starts at 12:51]
  • Councils competing for finance and the urban/rural split. [Starts at 17:28]
  • Local impacts despite heavily centralised governance. [Starts at 20:57]
  • Possible reasons for lack of reform in governance. [Starts at 24:28]
  • Communities want change but lack belief in its effective mobilisation. [Starts at 26:30]
  • Being brave and energy self-sufficiency in the Cotswolds. [Starts at 31:05]
  • Her different roles and their interplay. [Starts at 33:36]
  • Becoming an elected member and completing the local plan to enact change. [Starts at 38:06]
  • 2050 in the UK – pessimistic owing to a lack of focus on housing and transport. [Starts at 42:44]
  • Personal lifestyle plans – diet, holidays, transport and the home. [Starts at 48:12]

Useful links

ClimateGuide website

Cotswold District Council Cabinet Members


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