Air quality and human behaviour with Enda Hayes

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The Owl Hoot
Air quality and human behaviour with Enda Hayes

Enda Hayes is a professor in air quality and carbon management and director of the Air Quality Management Resource Centre at the University of the West of England (UWE).

In this episode, Enda covers:

enda hayes
  • From early interests in the environment to joining UWE. [Starts at 1:35]
  • Sources of pollutants. [Starts at 3:05]
  • WHO guidelines and government legislation for air pollutants. [Starts at 5:35]
  • Monitoring pollutants and the Local Air Quality Management process. [Starts at 9:30]
  • Health impacts of air pollution and who is affected. [Starts at 12:25]
  • An example of the social equity issue surrounding pollution. [Starts at 15:50]
  • Focusing on the who and the why rather than the where and the what. [Starts at 19:10]
  • Why each place requires a different plan. [Starts at 23:40]
  • Examples of successful strategies across Europe. [Starts at 26:20]
  • Societal change: government/councils, industry, businesses and individuals. [Starts at 29:40]
  • Raising awareness of the relationship between behaviour and air quality. [Starts at 31:00]
  • His short, medium and long-term ambitions for the future. [Starts at 35:45]
  • How he feels about the future of the air we breathe. [Starts at 40:00]

Useful links

Enda’s University Webpage

ClairCity Project

poor air quality in a city

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