Protecting our bees and insects with Dave Goulson

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Protecting our bees and insects with Dave Goulson

Dave Goulson is Professor of Biology at the University of Sussex and is passionate about protecting bees and insects.

Dave Goulson - protecting bees and insects

In this episode, Dave covers:

  • His early interest in wildlife. [Starts at 1:55]
  • How his bumblebee research was prompted by observing their landing behaviour. [Starts at 3:52]
  • Bee investigations across the world. [Starts at 6:25]
  • Declining bee populations and habitat loss. [Starts at 9:50]
  • Sharing scientific findings. [Starts at 13:25]
  • Starting the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. [Starts at 15:20]
  • Writing books and the challenges of engaging others. [Starts at 17:40]
  • Making a difference with wildlife gardening. [Starts at 23:00]
  • Latest book releases. [Starts at 28:40]
  • Weeds and perceptions of what green spaces should look like. [Starts at 30:05]
  • Top recommendations for protecting bees and insects: don’t use pesticides, plant bee-friendly flowers, don’t mow lawn too often, start a compost heap. [Starts at 36:58]
  • What the world looks like in 2050 – green, pesticide-free towns with flowering fruit trees and non-mown grass; locally grown food, in ways to promote soil diversity, encourage pollination and natural pests; less meat consumption. [Starts at 38:10]

Useful links

The Goulson Lab

Bumblebee Conservation Trust


Dave Goulson, The Garden Jungle

Published books

  • A Sting in the Tale (2013)
  • A Buzz in the Meadow (2014)
  • Bee Quest (2017)
  • The Garden Jungle (2019)
  • Gardening for Bumblebees (2021)
  • Silent Earth (2021)

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