Net zero and carbon dioxide removal with Steve Smith

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Net zero and carbon dioxide removal with Steve Smith

Steve Smith is the Executive Director of Oxford Net Zero and the UK research hub for greenhouse gas removal, CO2RE.

In this episode, Steve covers:

Steve Smith, Oxford Net Zero
  • His academic background and roles within the climate science sphere. [Starts at 1:30]
  • The concept of net zero. [Starts at 7:15]
  • Reducing emissions and carbon dioxide removal (CDR) in reaching net zero. [Starts at 9:45]
  • Net zero in practice and offsetting. [Starts at 12:50]
  • Generating and meeting net zero targets. [Starts at 15:35]
  • An overview of Oxford Net Zero and CO2RE. [Starts at 18:30]
  • How CDR fits within climate strategy. [Starts at 21:25]
  • Defining CDR and options available. [Starts at 22:55]
  • Scaling up novel CDR projects. [Starts at 26:40]
  • What can be gained from the fossil fuel industry. [Starts at 30:30]
  • Successes and failures within the UK climate ambition. [Starts at 32:30]
  • The State of Carbon Dioxide Removal report. [Starts at 35:20]
  • The three objectives of CO2RE. [Starts at 38:30]
  • Covid legacy and community engagement. [Starts at 42:20]
  • Thoughts about the future. [Starts at 45:50]
Oxford Net Zero

Useful links

Oxford Net Zero

Greenhouse Gas Removal Hub

The State of Carbon Dioxide Removal

Net Zero Tracker

How to connect

Twitter – Oxford Net Zero

Twitter – CO2RE


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