Climate change, social justice, economics and race with Jeremy Williams

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Climate change, social justice, economics and race with Jeremy Williams

Jeremy Williams is an environmental writer and activist.

In this episode, Jeremy covers:

Jeremy Williams
  • Growing up in Madagascar – rich in biodiversity amidst desperate poverty. [Starts at 1:20]
  • Becoming a writer and focussing on explaining sustainability and its connections to poverty and development. [Starts at 5:45]
  • The Earthbound Report – his blog on climate change and social justice. [Starts at 7:25]
  • Telling a different story about economic growth. [Starts at 9:40]
  • A rewarding life beyond economic growth. [Starts at 14:30]
  • Why he wrote a book on climate and race. [Starts at 17:15]
  • Recognising the racial injustice element of climate change. [Starts at 21:00]
  • Structural racism in contrast to institutional and individual racism. [Starts at 25:15]
  • The importance of group climate action in maximising impact. [Starts at 28:45]
  • How he stays positive. [Starts at 34:55]
  • His future writing ambitions. [Starts at 36:50]

Useful links

The Earthbound Report

Climate Change is Racisit Book by Jeremy Williams

Published Books

  • The Economics of Arrival (2019)
  • Time to Act (2020)
  • Climate Change is Racist (2021)
  • Max Counts to a Million (2022)

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