Earth systems and climate change with Dr James Dyke

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Earth systems and climate change with Dr James Dyke

Dr James Dyke is Assistant Director of the Global Systems Institute at the University of Exeter.

In this episode, James covers:

James Dyke, earth systems and climate change
  • His dream job and why he changed focus to current earth system issues. [Starts at 2:12]
  • What the Anthropocene looks like from a future perspective. [Starts at 4:18]
  • Human interaction with the earth systems. [Starts at 6:00]
  • How energy lies at the heart of climate change. [Starts at 7:19]
  • Why we can’t stop using fossil fuels immediately. [Starts at 11:31]
  • Entering the political/economic/social sphere to affect change. [Starts at 13:53]
  • Modelling and the inclusion of yet to be proven technological solutions. [Starts at 22:48]
  • Renewable energy solutions and exponential global economic growth. [Starts at 28:22]
  • His involvement in the film, The Race Is On. [Starts at 31:54]
  • Writing for a wider audience to stimulate dialogue. [Starts at 34:01]
  • His book on how the earth has changed and ideas to address climate change. [Starts at 36:02]
  • Feeling privileged and staying both positive and active. [Starts at 38:25]
  • Top recommendations: talk about climate change with friends, family, employers, businesses, your MP; join organisations. [Starts at 41:47]
  • What the world looks like in 2050 – radically different, either from making or not making changes. [Starts at 45:14]
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Useful links

James Dyke Website

James’s University Webpage

The Race is On: Secrets and Solutions of Climate (2019)

Published books

Fire, Storm and Flood: The Violence of Climate Change (2021)

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