Sustainable homes and buildings with John Grant

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The Owl Hoot
Sustainable homes and buildings with John Grant

John Grant is a Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Construction and Climate Change at Sheffield Hallam University.

In this episode, John covers:

  • How he decided to study an undergraduate degree in town planning and his original career ambition to become a police officer. [Starts at 2:05]
  • His move in to postgraduate study on environmental management; his interest piqued by Jim Hanson’s 1988 Congressional testimony on climate change. [Starts at 4:38]
  • His involvement in sustainable cities research, funded by the European Union. [Starts at 6:44]
  • The designing of his own zero-carbon house and what it would look like. [Starts at 12:15]
  • The community of sustainable homes near Newark – Hockerton Housing Project. [Starts at 25:50]
  • The importance of retrofitting the existing housing stock to make them energy efficient. [Starts at 29:39]
  • Loft insulation, window replacement and making a house plan. [Starts at 38:19]
  • His future book – “How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse”; essentially the same strategies for going zero-carbon. [Starts at 41:25]
  • What the world looks like in 2050 – two possible scenarios suggested; the very shiny and the very dark. [Starts at 45:05]
John Grant - sustainable homes

Useful links

John’s University Webpage

Hockerton Housing Project

InnoTHERM Insulation

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