Environmental activism with John Grant

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Environmental activism with John Grant

John Grant is Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Construction and Climate Change at Sheffield Hallam University. He also has experience in environmental activism.

In this episode, John covers:

John Grant has experience in environmental activism
  • Reflections of his past environmental activism experiences and joining Extinction Rebellion. [Starts at 1:30]
  • The urgency for protesting to be effective. [Starts at 4:50]
  • Profile of an activist. [Starts at 6:57]
  • His experience of different environmental groups. [Starts at 9:50]
  • A compelling narrative and nonviolent action. [Starts at 11:51]
  • Robust science and acting on it. [Starts at 14:17]
  • The experience of protesting. [Starts at 17:20]
  • Engaging with the public and the police during a protest. [Starts at 24:44]
  • Communicating messages and the media. [Starts at 32:35]
  • Storytelling to emphasize the climate emergency. [Starts at 35:15]
  • The peril of continued economic growth towards 2050. [Starts at 39:33]
  • Extreme responses and the need for step-change. [Starts at 42:10]

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Sheffield Hallam Website Staff Profile Page

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