Ethnicity and nature with Helena Craig

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Ethnicity and nature with Helena Craig

Helena Craig is the chair of Black2Nature, an environmental organisation promoting equal access to nature for all.

In this episode, Helena covers:

Helena Craig, promoting ethnicity accessiblity to nature and the environmental sector
  • Early experiences of nature and life as a minority ethnic solicitor. [Starts at 1:47]
  • Racism – from feeling annoyed and disempowered to confronting it. [Starts at 7:26]
  • The pros and cons of social media. [Starts at 10:53]
  • Birdgirl, first nature camp, conference and starting Black2Nature. [Starts at 13:53]
  • Lack of diversity within the environmental sector. [Starts at 19:25]
  • Using race experts to Influence change and the frustrations of this process. [Starts at 24:22]
  • Knowledge, being black-listed, tokenism and disruption. [Starts at 27:20]
  • Future camps and engagement with children. [Starts at 33:38]
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion in 2050 – improved representation, but racism still present. [Starts at 36:46]
  • Personal sustainability actions – from changing bank accounts to buying second hand. [Starts at 39:37]

Useful links

Mya-Rose Craig – Birdgirl and Black2Nature Website

Published Books

  • We Have a Dream, by Mya-Rose Craig (2021)
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