Connecting woodlands with the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Connecting woodlands with the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

George Jones is a wilder communities officer, and Ady Cox is a nature recovery advisor with the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

Ady Cox
George Jones

In this episode, Ady and George talk about the pioneering Derwent Connections project and the importance of connecting woodlands, covering:

  • Their paths into their current roles. [Starts at 1:15]
  • The premise behind the Derwent Connections project. [Starts at 4:10]
  • The importance of connecting woodlands and habitats. [Starts at 6:00]
  • The 2050 vision. [Starts at 7:20]
  • Facilitating community groups with woodland creation and natural flood management. [Starts at 8:15]
  • Woodland creation and landowners. [Starts at 10:20]
  • Incentives for planting woodlands and the Woodland Carbon Code. [Starts at 12:30]
  • Natural flood management – woodlands and leaky dams. [Starts at 16:50]
  • The need for nature-based intervention. [Starts at 20:30]
  • Community groups and parish councils’ involvement. [Starts at 22:45]
  • Increasing momentum for the project. [Starts at 25:50]
  • Individual engagement and empowerment. [Starts at 29:10]
  • Their experience of working on this project. [Starts at 31:50]
  • Personal thoughts on the future of wildlife. [Starts at 36:30]

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