Facing climate change with Lor and Jamie Bird

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Facing climate change with Lor and Jamie Bird

Jamie is a lecturer and researcher in the School of Psychology at the University of Derby and Lor is a freelance artist.

In this episode, Lor and Jamie cover:

Jamie Bird, Lor Bird
  • Facing climate change and grasping its seriousness. [Starts at 1:25]
  • Finding community and inspiration. [Starts at 6:20]
  • Sharing climate-related feelings with each other. [Starts at 8:57]
  • Climate groups – gaining support and taking positive action. [Starts at 12:28]
  • A growing climate community and public engagement. [Starts at 17:21]
  • Drawing on their strengths when working within groups. [Starts at 20:12]
  • What art therapy is. [Starts at 23:30]
  • How art therapy is accessible to all. [Starts at 25:57]
  • Outcomes, art materials and imagination. [Starts at 30:05]
  • Composting feelings. [Starts at 33:53]
  • Feedback from group work to the council. [Starts at 36:17]
  • Reaching and representing all people within a community. [Starts at 38:21]
  • Feelings about the future – the power of community. [Starts at 43:01]

Useful links

Lor’s artwork

Jamie’s University of Derby web page

Imagination and belonging in a changing climate

art therapy for managing eco anxiety

Published Books

Social Action Art Therapy in a Time of Crisis (2022)

How to connect

Twitter – Jamie

LinkedIn – Lor and Jamie

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