Community energy with Andy Extance

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The Owl Hoot
Community energy with Andy Extance

Andy Extance is a freelance science writer and director of Exeter Community Energy (ECOE).

In this episode, Andy covers:

  • How he became involved with ECOE. [Starts at 1:55]
  • ECOE early days and sourcing funds. [Starts at 5:10]
  • Community share offer and the rooftop solar model. [Starts at 8:24]
  • Income streams and allocating to community projects. [Starts at 10:25]
  • Choosing a building for rooftop solar. [Starts at 13:00]
  • Required expertise and knowledge sharing with other groups and Community Energy England. [Starts at 15:30]
  • Adapting models to changes in subsidies and solar prices. [Starts at 18:18]
  • Project lifespan, repayments and recycling solar. [Starts at 22:00]
  • Healthy Homes for Wellbeing – addressing fuel poverty and energy efficiency. [Starts at 26:25]
  • Accessing and funding of Healthy Homes for Wellbeing. [Starts at 29:50]
  • Social Enterprise Award finalist. [Starts at 33:29]
  • Community energy in 2050 – accessibility, new projects, involvement in housing stock to improve energy efficiency. [Starts at 35:15]
  • Personal environmental action – ECOE and sharing with others what you are doing. [Starts at 39:59]

Useful links

Exeter Community Energy Website

Community Energy England

Community Energy Wales

Community Energy Scotland

Northern Ireland Community Energy

How to connect

Twitter: @ECOEtalk

Facebook: @ExeterCommunityEnergy


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