Food and climate change with Sarah Bridle

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Food and climate change with Sarah Bridle

Sarah Bridle is a Professor of Food, Climate and Society at the University of York.

In this episode, Sarah covers:

  • Her academic career from astrophysics to food and climate change. [Starts at 1:30]
  • The relationship between food and climate change. [Starts at 4:45]
  • Her research. [Starts at 6:20]
  • Diet comparison and animal products. [Starts at 7:55]
  • Sharing the data and food transport. [Starts at 12:10]
  • The benefits of freezing. [Starts at 14:15]
  • Food waste and packaging. [Starts at 15:30]
  • Where to start making changes. [Starts at 18:35]
  • Transforming the food system. [Starts at 19:45]
  • Food production and land use. [Starts at 23:45]
  • Sharing knowledge to enable informed choices. [Starts at 27:15]
  • A national conversation about food. [Starts at 29:50]
  • Build back better. [Starts at 33:50]
  • Personal lifestyle changes. [Starts at 35:40]

Useful links

Sarah’s Website

Take a Bite Out of Climate Change Website

Fix Our Food Website

Published Books

Food and Climate Change – Without the Hot Air (2020)

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