Hockerton Housing Project with Simon Tilley

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The Owl Hoot
Hockerton Housing Project with Simon Tilley

Simon Tilley is a director and resident at Hockerton Housing Project, a small community living sustainably.

In this episode, Simon covers:

Simon Tilley, director and resident at Hockerton Housing Project
  • Envisioning a different future and finding like-minded people. [Starts at 1:23]
  • Taking a leap of faith and viewing housing as part of a system. [Starts at 3:48]
  • Key features of the houses. [Starts at 6:36]
  • Passive energy gains for heating, heat storage and clever design. [Starts at 8:09]
  • The slow response of sustainable building design in the wider building industry. [Starts at 12:15]
  • Consistency of temperature within the house. [Starts at 16:45]
  • Water system and the power of feedback loops on behaviour. [Starts at 19:19]
  • Electricity consumption and production through wind and solar PV. [Starts at 21:50]
  • Developments and changes of priority over time. [Starts at 25:18]
  • Visitors to Hockerton and the benefits of an earth shelter. [Starts at 29:03]
  • What it is like to live in a cohesive community. [Starts at 32:48]
  • Life in 2050 – an abundance of sustainable housing and a different way of living. [Starts at 35:29]
  • Personal sustainable lifestyle highlights – growing food and owning an electric bike. [Starts at 38:26]
Hockerton Housing Project

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