Young People’s Forest with Sabaha Hussein

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Young People’s Forest with Sabaha Hussein

During her gap year, Sabaha Hussein completed an NCS placement with the Woodland Trust and became involved with the Young People’s Forest.

In this episode, Sabaha covers:

Sabaha Hussein from the Young People's Forest
  • Environmental aspirations and getting involved with the Woodland Trust. [Starts at 1:15]
  • Taking a gap year, the NCS and gaining the Woodland Trust placement. [Starts at 4:02]
  • Activities during her placement. [Starts at 7:00]
  • Development of the Young People’s Forest at Mead. [Starts at 8:52]
  • The aims of the Woodland Trust. [Starts at 10:57]
  • Newly planted and veteran trees at Mead. [Starts at 12:09]
  • Gaining knowledge and identifying tree species. [Starts at 15:35]
  • A woodland developed by the young for the young. [Starts at 17:09]
  • Mead Fest – raising awareness of the Young People’s Forest. [Starts at 19:35]
  • Tree planting events. [Starts at 21:46]
  • Standout moments within the placement. [Starts at 24:20]
  • Facing environmental challenges as a young person. [Starts at 26:02]
  • Next steps – Swansea University. [Starts at 27:05]
  • Impact of gaining environmental knowledge. [Starts at 30:37]

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The Woodland Trust: Young People’s Forest at Mead

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orchard of hope at the Young People's Forest



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