Timber in sustainable construction with Nick Milestone

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The Owl Hoot
Timber in sustainable construction with Nick Milestone

Nick Milestone is a director at Mercer Mass Timber and chairman of the Timber Research and Development Trade Association (TRADA).

In this episode, Nick covers:

nick milestone, timber in sustainable construction
  • His early career and influence from his grandfather. [Starts at 1:58]
  • Venturing into a timber/steel hybrid model. [Starts at 4:02]
  • Environmental benefits of timber over concrete. [Starts at 5:20]
  • Getting involved with TRADA, biophilia and his Singapore experience. [Starts at 6:48]
  • UK building regulation changes, impacts and opportunities. [Starts at 8:24]
  • Net zero buildings and development in the construction industry. [Starts at 10:05]
  • The supermarkets as catalysts for low carbon buildings. [Starts at 14:10]
  • Pressures from low-cost concrete and cheap labour. [Starts at 17:46]
  • Sustainable construction and PEFC/FSC certification. [Starts at 18:33]
  • Local supply issues and developing countries. [Starts at 22:27]
  • Life cycle assessments and the circular economy. [Starts at 25:49]
  • Timber use and building regulations around the world. [Starts at 28:08]
  • Policy change, testing and insurance. [Starts at 32:10] 
  • His involvement in COP 26. [Starts at 33:34]
  • Top recommendations: look at your personal carbon footprint – are there changes you can make to your home or lifestyle? [Starts at 35:50]
  • What the world looks like in 2050 – more megacities. [Starts at 37.59]

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  1. A very interesting and informative interview. Nick Milestone certainly understands and cares about the building industry and the sustainability of using timber in modern construction.

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