Sustainable food systems with Joy Carey

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Sustainable food systems with Joy Carey

Joy Carey is a sustainable food systems planning consultant and founding director of the Bristol Food Network.

In this episode, Joy covers:

joy carey, sustainable food systems consultant
  • Her early experiences and career background. [Starts at 1:51]
  • An overview of sustainable food systems. [Starts at 5:52]
  • How to become more sustainable by getting curious. [Starts at 10:41]
  • Achieving a step-change within the food movement in Bristol through research, identifying themes, setting goals, collaboration and piloting. [Starts at 14:49]
  • Why food waste is a problem and what we can do about it. [Starts at 21:14]
  • The benefits of short supply chains. [Starts at 27:13]
  • Organic food principles. [Starts at 32:02]
  • What food systems look like in 2050 – replenished farming, nature-friendly urban growing, waste properly composted, circular systems, innovation. [Starts at 36:57]
  • Personal sustainable actions –  box scheme, seafood, clothing and wormeries. [Starts at 41:40]
sustainable food systems

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