Low impact living with Marisha Kay

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Low impact living with Marisha Kay

Marisha Kay is the co-owner of a low impact living shop, part of a community interest recycling business and permaculture enthusiast.

In this episode, Marisha covers:

Marisha Kay, eartharmony, low impact living
  • Her early life in South Africa and interest in drama. [Starts at 2:10]
  • Sustainability as a way of life. [Starts at 3:39]
  • What permaculture is. [Starts at 7:37]
  • Getting involved in permaculture and what this looks like. [Starts at 10:42]
  • The influences behind starting the recycling business. [Starts at 14:16]
  • What non-curbside items they recycle and valuing resources. [Starts at 19:41]
  • Her low impact living shop. [Starts at 23:10]
  • What you can expect if you visited the shop. [Starts at 25:30]
  • Pricing, quality and valuing the chain of production. [Starts at 27:30]
  • Community connection, like-mindedness and the Friendship Orchard. [Starts at 30:00]
  • Changing habits organically and consciously choosing activities. [Starts at 31:38]
  • Top recommendation: reduce single-use plastics. [Starts at 36:12]
  • What the world looks like in 2050 – more resilient and mindful. [Starts at 37:57]
products from the low impact living shop, eartharmony

Useful links

Eartharmony Website

Belper Permaculture Network

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