Climate change and structural racism

Climate change caused by the build-up of greenhouse gases (GHG) from burning fossil fuels and other human activities is a global catastrophe. These gases form a blanket in the atmosphere, resulting in warming temperatures and increased extreme weather events such as flooding, droughts and wildfires, impacting all life on Earth. Jeremy Williams (see our podcast conversation), …

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Community action

Community action is where people come together on a specific project to benefit the locality where they live. Why community action is important for the environment Environmental action can occur at different levels:  All levels are valuable.  Government policy can speed up change as it affects everyone.  However, sometimes they can be behind the curve …

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Environmental activism

We are in a climate emergency.  There was a time when there was a need to persuade people of the reality of increasing greenhouse gases and the consequential dangers.  In the light of acceptance, the voice of the denier has largely disappeared.  However, significant mitigation and adaptation are required, and the question now is, are …

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