Why talk about climate change?

alaska, glacier, ice

You’ve probably come across stories through your news feed, social media or television on climate change. It may have elicited some emotional response, such as fear, or perhaps, you’ve thought that this is a problem that needs fixing and surely governments and organisations will sort this out. It’s a big deal and with everything else going on in our lives and a Covid pandemic, do we really want to be dwelling on the realities of climate change, and what this actually means to us as individuals and the human species in its entirety? There is no getting away from the fact that this issue is an emergency and needs addressing. With rising carbon emissions globally, the need for action is now. We can all be a part of this community, on a level that we can personally deal with; in the first instance, this can simply be by raising awareness, by talking about climate change. Talking, means we can share facts, make sense of it and possibly reflect on our own lives and help the cause. Let’s talk about climate change!