Sustainable toys through running a toy library with Ann-Marie McMillan

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The Owl Hoot
Sustainable toys through running a toy library with Ann-Marie McMillan

Ann-Marie McMillan is the founder and manager of Derbyshire Toy Libraries.

In this episode, Ann-Marie covers:

  • The circumstances that led her to set up a new toy library. [Starts at 2:15]
  • The importance of funding, volunteers and training. [Starts at 4:46]
  • The benefits of a patron. [Starts at 8:48]
  • Developing outreach and expansion. [Starts at 11:40]
  • Getting the right systems in place and optimising the utility of toys. [Starts at 14:04]
  • Purposeful play packs and supporting families in need. [Starts at 18:07]
  • Responding to the pandemic with a click and collect service. [Starts at 19:27]
  • The ‘Young at Heart’ project for intergenerational play. [Starts at 24:20]
  • Achieving recognition from the Queen and the International Toy Library Association. [Starts at 26:12]
  • Green activities outside of the toy library. [28:50]
  • Top eco recommendations: join a toy library; avoid faddy, cheap toys; don’t put too much pressure on yourself, see it as a journey. [31:50]
  • What the world looks like in 2050 – learning through play will still be important. [33:39]

Useful links

Derbyshire Toy Libraries

International Toy Library Association

How to connect

Facebook: @derbyshiretoylibraries

Instagram: @derbyshiretoylibraries 

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