Mammal monitoring and conservation with Charlie Le Marquand

The Owl Hoot
The Owl Hoot
Mammal monitoring and conservation with Charlie Le Marquand

Charlie Le Marquand is the data and information officer for the Mammal Society.

In this episode, Charlie covers:

Charlie Le Marquand, mammal society
  • Her studies and experiences prior to joining the Mammal Society. [Starts at 1:55]
  • How the Mammal Society started and its essential role in providing mammal monitoring and conservation. [Starts at 5:24]
  • Her varied role; comprising enquiries, surveys, apps and events. [Starts at 6:21]
  • What a mammal is and those examined by the society. [Starts at 9:30]
  • Risk of extinction and reasons for declining mammal numbers. [Starts at 12:30]
  • The importance of recording mammals and the Mammal Mapper App. [Starts at 18:27]
  • Why losing species matters. [Starts at 26:38]
  • Appreciating nature and the joy of spotting mammals. [Starts at 28:38]
  • Future ambitions of the society and the National Harvest Mouse Survey. [Starts at 33:22]
  • Mammals in 2050. [Starts at 38:19]
  • Personal lifestyle changes – becoming vegetarian. [Starts at 39:34]

Useful links

Mammal Society website

Information on the Mammal Mapper App

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