Electric vehicle batteries with Euan McTurk

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The Owl Hoot
Electric vehicle batteries with Euan McTurk

Euan McTurk is a consultant battery electrochemist and creator of Plug Life Television.

euan mcturk, electric vehicle batteries expert

In this episode, Euan discusses electric vehicle batteries and covers:

  • A chance encounter with an electric Peugeot 106 that kickstarted his battery interest. [Starts at 1:40]
  • Green aspirations and finding his passion. [Starts at 4:04]
  • How electric vehicle batteries work. [Starts at 6:33]
  • Battery performance, longevity and uses at end-of-life. [Starts at 9:50]
  • Raw material sourcing and utilising renewable energy in manufacture. [Starts at 16:40]
  • Environmentally-friendly production, energy use and recycling. [Starts at 21:32]
  • The problem with cobalt. [Starts at 27:28]
  • Energy supply in charging electric vehicles and the grid. [Starts at 30:15]
  • Reduced air pollution from exhaust elimination and brakes. [Starts at 34:05]
  • 2050 – car ownership, autonomous driving, production efficiency and the circular economy. [Starts at 40:10]
  • Personal lifestyle – the quest to reduce energy consumption/costs. [Starts at 45:04]

Useful links

Plug Life Television Website

YouTube Plug Life Television Channel

plug life televsion, a channel covering electric vehicle batteries

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